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        會(huì )讓茶呼吸的茶具:紫砂壺!


        Purple clay is a natural and special mineral soil, rich in iron, clay, and sandy shale. It is a unique mineral resource of China, hidden deep in the mountains. Purple clay belongs to a special type of pottery, refined from sand hammering, which neither robs the tea of its aroma nor imparts any cooked soup flavor, allowing the tea's color, fragrance, and taste to be fully retained.

        紫砂壺易吸茶汁,內壁不刷而無(wú)異味,壺用久了增積茶銹,注入沸水也會(huì )有茶香,所以茶銹也可以讓它在壺里悶著(zhù),因為茶銹是茶葉的營(yíng)養成分,和礦物質(zhì)的沉淀,經(jīng)過(guò)生物化驗,茶壺內含灰黃霉素成分,有消炎清毒之作用,而且對壺能起到養護作用。

        Purple clay teapots are easy to absorb tea juice, and their inner walls do not retain any odor without the need for brushing. Over time, tea stains accumulate inside the pot, and even when hot water is poured in, it carries the aroma of tea. Therefore, tea stains can be left in the pot, as they contain the nutritional components of tea leaves and the precipitation of minerals. After biological testing, the purple clay teapot contains aureomycin components, which have anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects, and can also help maintain the teapot.

        時(shí)間越長(cháng),壺就越好,壺體本身不僅會(huì )變得顏色溫潤,甚至會(huì )散發(fā)出茶葉的自然香氣。所以紫砂陶器又被用作烹煮和沖茶品茗的首選器皿,在中國已有1000多年的歷史,是實(shí)用與藝術(shù)的完美結合,歷來(lái)為文人雅士之所愛(ài)。

        The longer the time, the better the pot becomes. The pot itself not only changes to a warm color but may even emit the natural fragrance of tea leaves. Therefore, purple clay pottery is used as the preferred utensil for cooking and brewing tea. It has a history of more than 1,000 years in China, representing the perfect combination of practicality and artistry, and has always been loved by literati and scholars.